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Jul 16, 2010 10:00pm PDT
rockville, maryland. quakes are so unusual in the area some people thought it was a truck passing by or a low flying airplane. people visiting from california laughed. no reports of any injuries or damage. the president said he didn't feel it. >> that's funny. my girlfriend just moved to the east coast and said what's the big deal. >> what is it? what was that? >>> yeah. big deal here though. it is hot, hot, hot. >> i got to tell you whenever i go out to schools and have weather lectures, here locally people always want to know about tornadoes, but when i worked in chicago, they all wanted to know about earthquakes. it's really the unknown that we're really always interested in. this is very interesting. take a look at the transamerica building this evening. we cannot see the top of the sphere. this leads me to believe -- i like using it as a barometer, i'm believing right now the ceiling is down to 600 feet n. will impact your saturday morning. in fact, right now in san francisco totally socked in at 53 degrees. san jose clear skies at 71. and still balmy in brentwood. sounds like a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1